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Contemporary and Lyrical

In contemporary classes,   Triplett Dance Academy dancers study both lyrical and contemporary styles.  The focus is on creativity, dynamics of movement and expression.  Contemporary is quickly becoming one of the most important styles in dance today.

Complete fall schedule:2019-20 FALL CLASSES

summer intensive:  june 27- july 25

Requires ballet & jazz enrollment:

        Morning      Mon      12:30-1:30 
        Morning     Wed      11:30-1:00 
        Morning      Wed      10:00-11:30 
FALL CLASSES 2019-2020:      
Level 1/2:   Thursday 5:15
Level 3:       Thursday 6:15
Level 3:       Wednesday 6:15 (preteen/teen)
Level 4:        Mon 6:15 (Placement required)
Level 5:       Mon 7:45  (Placement required)
*All Contemporary & Lyrical classes require enrollment in Ballet & Jazz
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